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Do you need a B1 or B2 certificate?

Do you need to prepare for a telc or Goethe exam to reach the language level B1, B2 or C1?

Language certificates, which attest a certain language level are often needed when requesting the recognition (Anerkennung) of foreign education.

Don’t worry and don’t hesitate to contact us! Our specialised trainers will practice the particular test formats with you and prepare you targeted for the exams.
If you possibly have any knowledge gaps for this language level, we will help you to efficiently remove those as well.

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Start learning individually with private lessons

Private lessons are ideal when you need to reach a certain language level in a specific short time and when you need to fill certain individual gaps such as vocabulary or grammar. In a one-to-one learning setting with your teacher you will reach the best possible learning effect and therefore need fewer lessons.

This advantage comes from the fact that our language trainer will exclusively concentrate on your individual needs and only study and practice with you the objects that you effectively have to train.

Private lessons are also ideal for language exam preparation for international language certificates such as telc or Goethe Certificate. Especially for recognition of foreign education as well as employment in the medical field (e.g. medical care, nurses, medical doctors) those language certificates are usually needed.

Convince yourself of the advantages of individual private lessons for language learning!

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Language Courses For Companies

Do you need German lessons for your employees at your company?
Apart from online courses we also offer language courses for employees directly at your company’s location in the area of Munich and Augsburg. Your employees will benefit from our professional approach and the option of focusing the German lessons on the individual needs of the job, your company and sector.

The learning effect increases by the fact that your employees can practice inside a familiar working environment and simulate real job situations. The colleagues can immediately practice their new knowledge at work and also support each other during the learning process. If your employees are travelling often or are placed in another country, we recommend our online classes. We make your employees fit for all essential communication at work!

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

A1 Sprachkurs Level Deutsch Englisch Kroatisch
sprachzertifkate deutsch A2
sprachzertifkate deutsch B1
sprachzertifkate deutsch B2
sprachzertifkate deutsch C1
sprachzertifkate deutsch C2

Our language courses are held according to the levels defined at CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
This allows you to work towards a specific language certificate with our courses and after completion of every language level according to CEFR you will also receive a corresponding confirmation.

Online Language Course

How do online language classes work?

Despite the wide use of the internet, some people still aks themselves how online language courses are even possible. It is understandable that especially elderly people still carry doubts about this learning method, but we are also regularly experiencing how all concerns are done away with after just a few lessons and the advantages of online classes are brightly shining through.

All you need for online language classes is a relatively good connection to the internet on your PC, laptop, notebook or tablet, sometimes even smartphones are good enough. Headphones can be useful because they help to eliminate background noise.

The biggest advantage of online classes is of course the location independence. You can take part in the language classes from any place with internet connection and you don’t have to miss any lessons because of travel. You also save on costs to travel to a certain location and pay for parking to attend classes. You can stay at home and learn at your convenience but still with a real teacher who meets you in a virtual class room.

There are many different applications and platforms nowadays, which provide very good services for communication and education over the internet (webinar, meeting, phone call). We have tested and chosen the best ones for language classes and will help you find the most effective tool for you and your technical situation. For individual classes we usually use Skype because it is well known with most users.

For learning success itself, it is not really significant anymore whether you meet in a physical or virtual class room. Relaxed and together with your trainer and possibly other participants you can just as well communicate verbally and written in real-time, follow the teacher’s explanations, work on different tasks, ask questions etc, just as if you were all together inside a class room of your language school.

You should best convince yourself and book your convenient online course at no risk! We will analyse your current language level and individual needs during the first free trial lesson and help you remove any technical difficulties or make the necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth course flow.

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